Projects undertaken at various hospitals and locations across the UK:

  • Great Ormond Street
  • St Thomas's
  • Derriford
  • Spire Healthcare
  • Bupa

Demonstrating a large array of experience within the healthcare sector.

Carrob have handled healthcare control system projects from Plymouth to Edinburgh from small boiler upgrades to full theatre control systems.

Plymouth involved a suite of approximately 15 Theatres over a 2 year programmed refurbishment scheme.



Museums need good control as well.

Not just for the protection of the exhibits which in many cases are irreplacable, but also to cater for occupancy

Reaction to fast changes in occupancy means that plant generally needs to be sized for worst case scenario even when the occupancy or gallery loads are low

Control selection is as equally important to the space as the plant selected to condition it.

At Carrob, we are not tied to one manufacturer of controls equipment. this means we have the control to select the most appropriate system to achieve the standards required.

Industrial Processes

One prospect within a huge confectionary company once asked me

'The system looks great but does it make sweets'.

Sadly it doesn't directly make chocolate but.... We can control the processes along the way to making them.

We have produced control panels and systems for treatments including:

Metal Smelting process - Panels went to Poland and India

Confectionary production process - UK based

Waste Water treatment - UK based

In simple terms - if there is a logical process for the system and if there are sensors and detectors that can help control the process, then we can make control systems and control panels to control it.



Close control is a must for some of our leading galleries.

Indemnified exhibitions place a strong and responsible onus on galleries to protect the exhibits and operate conditions within tight tolerances.

We have undertaken many projects ranging from single private galleries to the most Royal Galleries.

The requirements are simple but in many cases the means to achieve the goal are very complex.

We have significant experience in this field and have produced proven solutions for the control strategies needed for this close control.


Having recently undertaken the refurbishment of a Sheraton Hotel we are aware of the balancing required between meeting the project programme and fitting this in around a working hotel.

The careful planning to ensure no distruption is experienced by existing hotel guests.

Many systems make up a control system for the Hotel

  • Conferencing
  • Bedroom Control
  • General Areas
  • Hot water systems
  • Interface with booking systems

In room control and simple operation is generally a key requirement and we have worked closely with major control system manufacturers to develop bespoke solutions where required.