Service & Maintenance

Where the whole system is important not just the controls

What We Offer

Yes we can offer controls and BMS service but....

When the control system is working 100% whilst all around it the plant is falling down we care !!

Our engineers are incredibly competant having in many cases worked for major manufacturers in the past.

Why we are different...

  • If a temperature sensor is working and a valve is opening, terrific.. Now look to see that its meeting the design requirement at the point of delivery
  • If it works but plant performance could be better. Offer advice and discuss with our customer
  • Tune the system to meet the current demand.
  • Advise where energy usage can be minimised without appreciable detraction in conditions

Service is not just about a number of days to allow. It is making the correct allowance to fully service the control system and have the time to deliver the care and consideration for the whole system.

Service & Maintenance

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