Packaged Solution Manufacture

Working direct as an OEM supplier to packaged manufacturers

What We Offer

Have you ever wondered how packaged units come with controls?

We have worked within the industry with many packaged system suppliers from packaged plantrooms to chilled cabinet suppliers, to develop the controls solution compabitle with thier own offering and to enable the integration of this into a wider and often much larger site BMS system.

Carrob have manufactured either complete panels or just backplates to fit within these packages either as a 'one off' or in some cases in mass quantities of 100's of the same thing. Our OEM customer base demands:

  • Custom design development constantly updating to meet market demands
  • Strong technical support both for them and thier customers
  • Cost optimisation to give them a competitive solution
  • Constant awareness of market trends and equipment advances to meet technology evolution

We take away the need for in house controls / BMS expertise for our customers and leave them to do what they do best to provide either excellant Air Handling Units, Packaged Plantrooms or whatever thier speciality is.

Packaged Solution Manufacture

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